There’s little or in most cases no training given to the church leaders. Most of the pastors did not attend Bible School and are taught and helped by fellow Pastors. Training of church leaders is a big problem. We realize that we will need to organize a conference where the leaders, their wives and the Sunday school teachers can gather for a sufficient period to receive training in their respective fields.


The buildings are in much need of attention. Some need restoration work, others need new tin roof sheets, most of them need cement to finish the floors and walls with and some need to be extended or enlarged. A lot of the buildings are in poor condition. There are also a few Pastors that need houses and / or restoration work to their houses.

Communication & Support

In the meetings we had with the churches one of the main things that became apparent was that the churches felt alone and in need of support. A few of the pastors do not have cell phones, or they are too poor to be able to afford airtime. Many of the pastors need bicycles as that is their main means of transport. Since the villages are far away from each other in some cases, the people are rarely visited by other pastors.


There are a few believers that are in need of crutches or wheelchairs.

Orphans & Elderly people

There are many orphans that are not taken care of, it is a very poor country and very little is being done for orphaned children. The elderly who are no longer able to work in their gardens needs to be taken care of, and in some cases their children are not able to help them. We need to implement structures in the churches to support these two groups of people within the church.


  • Buildings
  • Portuguese & Chechewa Bibles and Hymnals.
  • Basic stationery.
  • Sunday school material.
  • Training of church leaders.
  • Books and other literature in Portuguese & Chechewa.
  • Basic needs.
  • Cement to finish the church buildings.
  • Signage boards to put up outside the church buildings.


  • New church buildings:
    Namitupa FBC (Malawi)
    The building that collapsed at the beginning of 2014 needs to be rebuilt and have a roof fitted.
    Wanyemba FBC (Malawi)
    The new congregation needs a church building and roof. We were able to buy the church grounds for them.

    Chitambi FBC (Malawi)
    This is a new congregation that needs a builing.
  • Bibles for the Mozambique churches. These churches have not received any Bibles yet and this is the priority at the moment. After we have given them some Bibles we will then start to give additional Bibles to all the churches again.

  • Cement Basically all the church buildings and pastoral houses need to be plastered.
  • New toilets to be built at all the churches as the facilities are in very poor condition.
  • Repairs and upgrades 
    - Needs to be done on all the pastors’ houses. We also would like to supply them with sun-energy panels and batteries so that they can have electricity
    - Some of the church buildings need to be repaired. Two of the churches (M’bindo & Kasupe) need new roof sheets as theirs are full of holes and badly damaged.
  • Instruments  Percussion mullets, drums and guitars for the worship in services.
  • Preachers conference once a year  Where the Pastors and their wives come together for training, planning and to encourage each other.
  • Synod for Malawi and Mozambique
    - To look at registers of the Sunday school, church members, finances, visitations and outreaches.

    - We would like every church to contribute an amount to the synod each month (the amounts are still to be calculated), after every 6 months the synod can decide where the most need is and then allocate the funds to those specific needs.

    - We will open a FBC bank account in Malawi.