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Thr Free Baptist Church currently has 9 churches in South and central Malawi.

1. Lilongwe (Capital) 2 Churchesmalawi3

M’bindo FBC
Kasupe FBC

 2. Ntcheu (Central) 3 Churches

Biriwiri FBC
Diwiza FBC
Wanyemba FBC

3. Mulanje (South) 4 Churches

Mwamadi FBC
Namitupa FBC
Mingwa FBC
Chitambi FBC


General Information

The Language in Malawi is Chichewa. You will find Malawians speakers in the big cities and tourist destinations who speak English but most people who live in the villages cannot speak or understand English even though it is their official language.

The people live off their gardens where the families plant fruits, vegetables and mainly maize (mealies). They work very hard and everything is done by hand with hand tools. Malawians are overall very friendly and you always feel most welcome. Their currency is the Malawian Kwacha and R1 equals ±MK38

The population is just over 16.7 million people (2013). Life expectancy is around 41 years.

Religions - Christian 79.9%, Muslim 12.8%, other 3% and non religious 4.3%

Education: The number of students that finish Grade 1 to 5 in Malawi has grown from 64% in 1992 to 86% in 2006. The youth’s education has also grown from 68% in 2000 to 82% in 2007.



M’bindo FBC Kasupe FBC
Mbindo PP Kasupe PP
Pastor & Wife - Stopher & Grace Linde Pastor & Wife - Patrick & Chrisie Chinkhadze
Biriwiri FBC Diwiza FBC
Biriwiri PP Diwiza PP
Pastor & Wife - Milliward & Gradece Kamenye Pastor & Wife - Nixon & Mary Gama
Mwamadi FBC Namitupa FBC
Mwamadi PP Namitupa PP
Pastor & Wife - Daston & Hannipher Kapata Pastor & Wife - Brighton & Berther Kapata
Mingwa FBC

Wanyemba FBC

Mingwa WanyembaPP
Pastor & Wife - George & Margret William  Pastor & Wife - Emmanuel & Susan Bwezani
Chitambi FBC
Pastor & Wife - Pierson & Cathrine Nyadani

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Bestel 'n Hangertjie


"Ek het julle in alles getoon dat ons deur so te arbei die swakkes moet help en die woorde van die Here Jesus moet onthou, dat Hy gesê het: Dit is saliger om te gee as om te ontvang."
Handelinge 20:35

Nuwe Sendeling

Emmanuel en Susan Bwezani en gesin. Hy is ons nuwe sending werker in Malawi. Hulle is woonagtig in Ntcheu.



Ons het vir Mwamadi gemeente en vir die Namitupa gemeente 'n fiets gekoop in Blantyre om solank die vervoer so bietjie te vergemaklik vir die Pastor Daston en vir sy Pa – Pastor Brighton. Pastor Daston is die persoon wat die Mosambiek gemeentes besoek, help en ondersteun.